A közösségi alapítványokért.

Who we are

Our philosophy

CFSP brings together a group of people with different skills, experiences, philosophies and nationalities. Some of us work as paid staff, others as volunteers, some are based in Budapest, others abroad. What provides a common ground for our work is the belief that community foundations are good vehicles for local people to improve their lives, ultimately contributing to creating a better world and the time is right for Hungarian communities to nurture community foundations.

The CFSP team believes in the natural creative power of people acting together to make dreams come true and bring the extraordinary to life, however unpredictable the future may seem. We are committed to working professionally at all times, and to on-going reflection and learning to improve our work, our impact, and ourselves.

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Contact details

Address: Szép utca 3. 4th floor 3., Budapest 1053, Hungary

Telephone: +36 70 398 45107


Phone: +3670-398-45107