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International Advisory Board

Clare Brooks

Clare has worked in the field of community philanthropy and community foundations for 20 years, most recently in the UK and Australia. She played a primary role in developing a national network of UK community foundations and was most recently CEO of the Australian Communities Foundation. Clare is Chair of NESsT-UK which supports social enterprises in Central and Eastern Europe and Latin America as well as a Board member of the UK Food Education Foundation. She is currently Director of the London Chamber of Commerce Commercial Education Trust. She lives in London.

David Harding

David has over 30 years experience of work in the social field, in Europe, Africa and Latin America, in programme and organizational management, work as a practitioner in the field of organizational development, and teaching. In the last decade his particular focus has been around working with change and strategy, and developing effective professional practice – working with practice itself in organizational settings and through postgraduate programmes. David has a particular interest in how local community activity can be effective in helping maintain ‘social capital’ and effecting positive social change.

Boris Strečanský

Boris has a degree in philosophy and history from Comenius University and a post-graduate certificate in Developmental Donor Practice from London Metropolitan University. He acts as consultant in philanthropy, civil society and development to clients in private and public sector. Since the mid1990s he has been actively engaged in the development of community foundations in Slovakia and was advising CF initiatives especially in Romania and Hungary and served as facilitator of peer learning events of CFs in the CEE. Since 2016 he is in charge of peer learning activities of the European Community Foundation Initiative (ECFI).

David Young

David Young is a communications professional working in the United States and Europe, with extensive experience designing and leading global and regional advocacy and communications campaigns. He has worked for the World Bank, Rush Foundation, and Copenhagen Consensus Center. Earlier in his career, he worked as a broadcast and print journalist and columnist.

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