A közösségi alapítványokért.

Our programme

Highlights in 2016

The main part of our work in 2016 was to support six organising groups to establish community foundations. The organising groups were expected to register the community foundation by the end of 2016, put together an active board, carry out a basic mapping of the community, raise at least €6,500 from local sources and develop a work plan for the first year of the operation. To this end, CFSP provided professional support (through workshops, consultations, study trips, etc.) and a challenge grant. The map below shows where the organising groups work. 

Community foundations and organising groups in Hungary – At the beginning of 2016 there was one fully fledged community foundation and six local organising groups aiming to set up community foundations in their communities.

Ferencváros Community Foundation (Ferencvárosi Közösségi Alapítvány)







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Contact details

Address: Szép utca 3. 4th floor 3., Budapest 1053, Hungary

Telephone: +36 70 398 45107


Phone: +3670-398-45107